Resizing a Bootcamp partition

This post was written 5 years ago.
Tue, 06 Jan 2015
How I managed to break Windows 8 and repair it with Windows 7.
My Macbook Pro is dual booting OSX and Windows 8. The 120gb SSD drive was split into two 60GB partitions.
Since Windows 8 is what I use daily, this is were space was running low.

After cleaning up the OSX partition as much as I could, it was shrunk using the Disk Utility.
Next step is where I went wrong. With GParted Live CD the Windows 8 partition was moved and expanded to use the free space.

This broke Windows 8 booting. No worries, knew this could happen, already had a Windows 8 Recovery USB to help with this.
Unfortunately for some reason the computer refused to boot from that.
The install DVD didn't work either, freezing on the splash screen. Apparently a known problem that hid when first installing.

After two days of troubleshooting and trying various fixes, a Windows 7 install DVD was the solution.
Booting from that worked fine. Selecting language at initial install screen gave me access to the "Repair your computer".
That was all it took, repair fixed the boot and Windows 8 is running again in its new bigger suit.

So if you are having trouble with Windows 8, Bootcamp and GParted, Windows 7 may be the fix.

This post was written 5 years ago, which in internet time is really, really old. This means that what is written above, and the links contained within, may now be obsolete, inaccurate or wildly out of context, so please bear that in mind :)
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