Year 2014 in numbers

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Sat, 03 Jan 2015

Races: 2

2014-09-06 Hässleholmsloppet 2014, 10 km. Time: 01:03:17 (06:20 min/km)
2014-05-13 Freeflowloppet, 12 km. Time: 01:17:04 (06:25 min/km)


Total distance: 347.38 km. With Sam in a Trille Jogger, nine times and 69.5 km.
Average distance per week, 6.63 km. Average per run, 7.08km.

Set a goal of running 60 times during the year, got 49. Almost once a week is good.
Need to slowly increase averages and push myself to get those two shorter runs per week for a while.
Then alternate with a single long run to get some distance training too.


One two day hike, you can read about it here Skåneleden, Klinten-Verum-Harsjo

A trial trip to Skäralid, walking the Kopparhattsrundan (pdf) with Sam and friends.
Borrowed a carry-backpack to see if he would enjoy this mode of transportation.
Laughing and making sounds constantly then falling asleep, great success.

So bought a Osprey Poco Plus which we have used four times for a total of 30km already.
Mostly doing the Casper's slinga at Hovdala.
Sam loves it, making joyful sounds and sleeping without issue.

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