Year 2015 in numbers

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Mon, 11 Jan 2016

Races: 5

2015-05-02 Toughest Race Malmö 8 km 01:38:08
2015-05-12 Freeflowloppet 2015 12 km 01:06:09 Way better than 01:17:04 from 2014.
2015-08-15 Göinge Trail Run 6 km 00:45:31 First run in a true trail race. Very fun and exhausting.
2015-09-05 Hässleholmsloppet 2015 10 km 00:55:05 New personal course record! Only four seconds behind 10K personal best on a city track (Springtime 2013).
2015-10-10 Freeflow Kvällsmara 21.1km 02:05:03 New personal best on the distance. Test run on the race.


Total distance: 606.04 km. With Sam in a Trille Jogger, twelve times and 119.2 km.
Average distance per week, 11.43 km.

Set a goal to reach 1000k for the year. Did not quite make it. In hindsight, it was not a resonable goal.
But 67 runs was way better than the 49 last year. Awesome!

Have joined a running club, Hässleholm Freeflow Running that has really helped.
Two regular times for traning each week means steady improvements and less excuses.

Retired my pair of Nike Air Pegasus 27, had 1345 km and 160 hours logged.
Last wore them during the Toughest race where they swam in the ocean and crawled through mud.


Have gone for a few daily excursions to Hovdala, Vedema and Skäralid. Sam on the back.

Me and my brother took Sam on a short hike to the nearby Skåneleden shelter.
We walked about 30 minutes before taking first break. Then headed towards the shelter and Sam walked a bit.
Spent the night there and cooked over a open fire. First time Sam slept outside!
Did not go very smooth for him to fall asleep, but now he (and I) have tried it.

A very exiting hike was a day walk on Gran Canaria. Camino de la Plata – The Silver Trail.
Met a few runners who were practicing for the Transgrancanaria, hardcore.

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