Skaneleden, Klinten-Verum-Harsjo

This post was written 6 years ago.
Sat, 05 Jul 2014
Me and my brother did a two day hike on Skaneleden.
Section 8, Klinten-Verum (24km). Section 9, Verum-Harsjo (20km).

We used a Samsung Galaxy Y in Flight-mode and the My Tracks app from Google to GPS track our path.
12 hours with active logging and 17 hours of standby took 50% battery. Very impressive.

First section, mostly forest paths and dirt roads but rough terrain too.
We started at about 10:00 and arrived at camp around 16:00.
Distance: 22.46km.
Total time: 5h46m20s, Travel time: 4h54m27s.
Average pace: 4.58km/h or 13:07min/km.

Second section, mostly dirt roads and forest paths. Only few hundred meters rough terrain.
Began walking at 09:00 exactly and arrived at the second camp just before 15:00.
Backtracked a bit to the meeting point to be picked up.
Distance: 20.19km.
Total time: 5h56m33s, Travel time: 5h29m04s.
Average pace: 3.68km/h or 16:18min/km.

Did not feel this much slower, on the contrary, it actually felt like we were moving faster because more was on dirt roads.
Obviously we took a beating carrying more weight first day, something we did not fully recover from according to these numbers.

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